The Sunshine Coast International Broadband Network – Explained!

The Sunshine Coast International Broadband Network will provide Australia’s fastest, most affordable international data and telecommunications connection on the east coast to Asia.

With future-proof capacity, the new cable will increase data transmission speed, reduce risk and lead to a reduction in international communication costs for business and consumers.

The cable will put the Sunshine Coast and Queensland on the international business map as a leading Australian investment destination for commerce and industry.

The Sunshine Coast is already one of Australia’s fastest growing regions, with high levels of business confidence. With an international broadband submarine cable landing here and being in service from mid-2020, the region becomes the ideal Australian location for domestic and global operators.

We expect to attract the attention of the world’s biggest data users and those looking for a location with superior telecommunications and data infrastructure.

The project will contribute $927 million to the Queensland economy, up to 864 new jobs and lead to improved international connections for locally based businesses.

Once again, Sunshine Coast Council has proven itself to be an innovative organisation, thinking outside the square to stimulate economic growth and create Australia’s healthy, smart, creative capital.

MAYOR MARK JAMIESON Sunshine Coast Council

Download a copy of the Sunshine Coast Council Report HERE.

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